• About the Ministry

    Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of the Republic of Moldova is a government body responsible for the development, promotion and application of state policy in the field of information technology, information society and communications.

    The mission of the Ministry is to ensure the continuous development of the ICT sector by promoting policies in the field of export and the development of a free market. MITC aims to create opportunities for the businesses and offer investment incentives to promote competitiveness, including at the international level.

    To date, information and scientific knowledge determine the level of development of countries around the world and dictate the trends for the future. In modern society, resources, and services related to the field of information and communication technologies are rapidly developing, becoming a source for new working places and improving the living standards of the population.

    Transition of any state to the information society is determined by its political, socio-economic and cultural peculiarities. For this reason, the way the Republic of Moldova is moving in the process of building the information society, is a special one.

    In order to meet the challenges and keep pace with the times, MITC has developed a Digital Moldova 2020 Strategy – a policy document that creates the necessary preconditions defining the direction for the future stable development of information technology and communications, ensuring the realization of benefits, offered by Information Society for the comfort and well-being of citizens.

    This strategy provides the necessary conditions for the development and wide use of the ICT potential in all areas: public, private, business environment and daily life of citizens.

    Thus, the implementation of Digital of Moldova Strategy by 2020 will transform the Republic of Moldova into a country with a developed information society, in which the use of technology, increased access to modern infrastructure and electronic communications, rich digital content and advanced information services will ensure the competitiveness of the economy, the well-being of citizens and effective government.